The Golf Slice Fix

There are only two possible reasons why golfers slice the golf ball, and sadly most golfers who slice the ball do both of these things together. The first reason why a golfer would slice the golf ball is that they contact the ball with an open clubface. The other reason why a golfer would slice the ball is because they approach the ball from the outside, which imparts side spin on the ball. But, as I mentioned, most golfers who suffer from a slice problem unfortunately have both of these swing flaws happening together.

In this article I’m going to give you the best drill to fix a swing path problem, as this tends to be the major reason why golfers hit a slice. And if this is the main reason why you slice the ball then doing this drill will fix your slice for you. At a later date I will teach you how to correct an open clubface problem, which also causes a slice.

To do this golf slice fix drill get a 5 iron and place a ball on a tee. Then find a cardboard box. A box like the ones used to hold reams of paper is excellent for this. Then position the box just outside the ball so it’s almost touching where the toe of your golf club is going to be.

Now setup to your golf ball making sure that you are aligned correctly.

Once you’re aligned correctly then simply swing. Having the box so close to the ball will almost force you to swing down into the ball from the inside. If you don’t do swing down into the ball then the result is going to be that you hit the box instead of the ball, and this will give you some great, immediate feedback.

If done regularly this drill will help you to groove a new habit of swinging from the inside instead of cutting across the ball. So keep hitting the ball while trying to miss the box and in time you will be able to miss the box and hit the ball first.

When you can consistently approach the ball from the inside you will fix your slice and hit longer, straighter drives. You may even learn to hit pretty little draws. Won’t that be fun?
So practice this golf drill often to fix your slice problem once and for all.

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