The Correct Wrist Action For Great Chip Shots

The way you move your wrists when chipping has a large affect on the type of chip shots you are able hit. Sadly most golfers use their wrists incorrectly when chipping and this leads to many inconsistent chip shots. If this is happening to your golf game at the moment, I feel your pain. So to help you I’m going to share with you a great chipping drill that will help you to feel the correct wrist action to hit great chip shots.

To do this chipping drill simply setup to hit a chip shot as you normally would. Before you swing the club back however, take off your top hand and place the palm of that hand on the back of your lower hand. This will cause your arms to cross over.

Once you are in this “new” chipping position you then simply need to swing back and through as best you can.

When you do this you’ll find that your right wrist is forced to keep the same angle that was created at address as you’re swinging through the golf ball. A lot of amateur golfers do the opposite of this and let the right wrist flip through impact.

So this drill is great because it teaches you how to keep the same angle with your wrists as you’re making the chipping stroke. So do this drill over and over again to make it a habit. When you do your confidence will rise when faced with chip shots. With this correct wrist motion you’ll hit more great chip shots. Try it and see for yourself.

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