The Bunker Shot Success Keys

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When you play a bunker shot you do not have to hit the golf ball. In fact, bunker shots are the only shots in golf that you do not have to hit the ball. Because of this fact bunker shots can be quite hard for a lot of golfers because it’s quite a foreign feeling not to try and hit the ball.

So in this article I’m going to give you a great bunker drill that will train you to swing and not hit the golf ball. The ironic thing about this bunker drill is you do not need a bunker and you can even do this bunker shot drill at home! Then after this I’m going to give you another great bunker drill that will help you to hit better bunker shots.

Ok, to do this first bunker drill you simply need a place where you can tee up a ball and swing. Again, you can do this at home in your backyard because you will not be hitting the golf ball. IF you’re afraid you’re going to hit the golf ball after reading these bunker shot drill instructions simply use a whiffle ball.

Tee up a golf ball quite high and get out the club you normally play bunker shots with. Then setup to the golf ball on the tee as though you are about to play a bunker shot.

Once set then swing as you normally would but don’t try and hit the golf ball instead try and hit the tee underneath the ball so that the golf ball just falls to the ground.

This bunker drill will help to give you feeling of swinging and not hitting the golf ball.

It’s a great bunker drill.

Practice it often and you’ll reap the benefits of better bunker shots. With better bunker shots you’ll shoot lower scores. It’s a win/win all around.

Once you have the feeling down of hitting bunker shots without hitting the ball then do this next bunker shot drill. To do it you’ll need to get a thin plank of wood that is about 4 feet long and a foot wide.

Then go to your practice bunker and bury this plank of wood just beneath the sand and make sure its length is pointing at your target. Once you’ve covered the board with a good layer of sand, place a ball over the top of the middle of this plank.

Then setup to your ball as you normally would and swing just like you did when the ball was on the tee. Try to enter the sand about 2 inches behind the ball and make a big follow-through so you accelerate through the ball.

By doing this bunker drill you’ll get the feel of hitting underneath the ball and the bounce of the club getting the ball out because the plank of wood stops your club from digging too deeply and bounces the club for you.

Hit about 20 shots off this plank of wood and then hit bunker shots normally keeping the same feeling.

If you do these two bunker shot drills you’ll learn the success keys for better bunker shots.

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