How To Control The Distance Of Your Pitch Shots

Controlling the distance you hit your pitch shots is a critical skill to learn IF you want to score as low as possible. So in this article I’m going to reveal a way that you can train yourself to hit pitch shots the distance you want. To do this you need to find a grassed…

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Consistent Golf Gazette – 1st April 2012

In the newsletter last week I mentioned that I was going to review Hank Haney’s new book. I’m about half way through ‘The Big Miss’ book. I’ll have the review on this book for you next Sunday… which might be very appropriate, as it will be Masters Sunday. Now let’s get into helping you to…

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Backspin Your Pitch Shots Like A Pro

Would you like to get your golf balls backspinning after they land on the green…just like professional golfers do? Well, as you read this article you’re going to learn how to do that. First a cautionary point. If you’re not getting your pitch shots up to the hole now then learning how to get backspin…

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Golfers – How To Break 90

If you can’t break 90 consistently when playing a game of golf then read this article now to discover what you need to do so you can break 90. What I tell you is probably the exact opposite of what you’re currently doing. This is great because you’ll be doing something different, which will in…

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Golf Tip To Improve Your Pitch Shots

Golfers often struggle when faced with a pitch shot and the main reason is because the swing needed to hit a pitch shot is generally a lot shorter than a full swing. Normally golfers practice hitting full shots, so anything that is not a full shot is something that is quite different and outside the…

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Golf Pitching Distance Control Drill

When you’re playing a game of golf you’ll often be faced with a pitch shot whether that be a 50 yard pitch shot, an 80 yard pitch shot or even a 30 yard pitch shot. When you are faced with such a pitch shot one of the most important elements needed for success is distance…

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