6 Things To Play Low Pitch Shots that SPIN And STOP

If you watch any professional golf tournament you’ll often see the shot where the pro hits a low pitch that lands on the green, bounces a time or two, and then comes to a screeching halt.

Most times right next to the hole!

It’s a cool shot to watch but it’s even cooler to do.

So here’s six simple things you need to do to help you pull it off.

1. Have clubs with sharp, fresh grooves.

2. Use golf balls that are designed to improve feel around the greens, versus balls that are designed to go as far as possible.

3. Place 60-70% of your weight on your front foot (foot closest to the target) and keep it there throughout the entire swing.

4. Position the ball about the middle of your stance to encourage a steeper angle of attack.

5. Hit the ball first and then take a small divot.

You need to swing down into the ball but not so steep you take a huge divot.  You want a bacon strip type of divot, not a big hole!  I must  point out, this shot works best from tightly mown fairways.  It’s very hard to get backspin out of thick rough with this shot, or with any shot for that matter.

6. Swing aggressively through the ball with your body.  A good  example of a pro doing this is Zach Johnson.  When you watch  Zach playing a 70 yard pitch you’ll notice there is very little hand
action.  That’s what you want… an aggressive turn through the ball and make sure the hands are in front of the clubhead at impact.  Watch this video to see the perfect example of the shot I’m talking about:

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Jeff Richmond