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This is a review of the Strike N Swipe impact label available at

These impact labels are endorsed by David Leadbetter as The Next Generation of Impact Labels. In each packet you get 5 labels which is made up of 2 Driver Labels, 2 Iron Labels and 1 Putter Label.

Here is the blurb from the back of the packet:

STRIKE’NSWIPE is a state of the art, re-usable impact label. Simply apply the label to the club face and take your shot. Whether you chose to wipe the label clean after each shot, or hit multiple shots STRIKE’NSWIPE accurately identifies where the ball impacts the club face. This ultra sensitive label will even record putts as short as one inch!

OK, everyone knows that hitting the ball consistently out of the sweet spot is essential to great ball striking. So this product looked great at helping to do this. Especially if you get feedback like this (picture from the Strike N Swipe website):

I bought 3 packets of these at $9.95 to test them out and use them. Upon getting them I followed the directions and put a driver label on my driver. Then I hit a golf ball and the imprint was nothing like what the picture showed on the websiste. I thought I was doing something wrong so I checked the instructions again and tried again with the same result.

I was very disappointed to say the least!

But because the packet said they would even show a 1 inch putt I put one of these labels on my putter and hit a putt. And guess what….it showed nothing.

What a joke!

I have since tried pretty much all the labels in the 3 packets and I got one of the driver labels to work ok. Here’s a picture of the impact pattern I got from this label:

I couldn’t get any of the iron labels to work. All they did was show the grooves on the club. And the putter labels did not work at all.

This product has great potential in what it does but it simply does not work!

You’re better off buying impact tape than you are on spending money on this junk. I can’t believe that David Leabbetter would put his name on a product that does not work.

Overall Opinion: Not Recommended

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