Longer Golf Drives With These 5 Exercises

If you want longer golf drives then you really should work at making your legs stronger. One of the greatest golfers who has ever lived, Jack Nicklaus, has stated that the legs are the power source in the golf swing.

So to help you strengthen your legs so you can hit longer golf drives, here are five golf exercises to help you do this.

1. For this first leg strengthening golf exercise, simply stand with your back against a wall and hold your arms at your sides. Now slide your back down the wall and move your feet out away from the wall so they are in a sitting position trying to get your upper legs into a position where they are horizontal or parallel with the floor.

Once you have achieved a position like that it will look as though you are sitting on an invisible chair. Then simply hold that position for as long as possible.

This is a pretty tough exercise to do so it’s ok if the first few times you can’t get your thighs to a position where they are parallel with the floor. But don’t let that concern you, just go down as close to horizontal as you can and then hold that position for as long as possible. Then the next time you do this exercise try to improve on what you achieved the previous time. If you’re not used to this kind of exercise then you will probably feel some muscle awareness for a day or two after you first start with this. But don’t let that stop you, just take it easy until that passes.

Important Note: When you start on this exercise, make sure you have something you can grab onto to help yourself get up from this position!

2. This exercise is such a simple one, but nonetheless it can help to strengthen up your legs to give you more power in your golf game. For this exercise simply do one-legged jumps (hopping one leg) until you get tired, and then alternate to the other leg and repeat.

3. The third leg exercise you can do for your golf game is heel raises. To do this exercise find a step (or a plank of wood) and place your toes and the balls of your feet on the step. Then simply rise up on the balls of your feet and then come back down again so that you lower your heels as far down as they can go, and repeat. Do this as many times as you can until you feel a burning sensation in your calf muscles (but if you feel any pain stop immediately). If necessary, support yourself with one hand on a wall.

4. For this leg exercise you’re going to do sideways hops on one leg. To do this you simply need to hop from side to side on one leg at a time and keep going until you get tired. Then change legs and repeat.

5. Finally for this last leg exercise to give you more power in your golf game, you can do either stair climbing, biking or skipping. When you’re at a level that you find these exercises easy then you can add weights to your legs to make them harder!

So there you go, 5 simple exercises that you can do right now to help you strengthen up your legs so you can hit longer, more powerful golf drives. Do these exercises regularly and you’ll notice increased distance in your golf drives.

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