Longer Golf Drives With One Simple Move

Longer golf drives can be achieved simply by having a longer golf swing, because the longer you swing, while still maintaining a good solid golf swing, the more you will allow the club added time to build up speed and move faster.

In this article I am going to share with you one simple thing which you can easily incorporate into your golf swing to help you to swing longer without you actually having to try to swing longer. Sound strange?

Trust me, it’s not. Some of the greatest golfers in the world have done this.

For example, if you watch Jack Nicklaus swing you’ll notice that he cocks and turns his head to the right as he is setting up to the golf ball. In fact, Nicklaus does this so much that he ends up looking at the golf ball with basically only his left eye.

The main reason Jack Nicklaus does this is to allow himself more room to make a bigger shoulder turn, along with making it easier for him to swing on an upright swing plane.
So if it’s good enough for Jack Nicklaus then it’s good enough for you.

To try this move simply setup to a golf ball as normal, but then before you start to swing simply turn your head slightly to the right while keeping all other parts of your body in the same position.

Many other top pro golfers also use this move in their golf swing to allow for longer drives. Another example of a top professional golfer who does this is Tom Watson.

Some golfers prefer to do this move before they swing the club, whereas others like to do it as they are taking the club away.

You’ll have to experiment and find which method works best for you.

The great thing with doing this is that it will help you to make a full, high backswing. You could never accuse Jack Nicklaus or Tom Watson of swinging too short or too flat.

So give this one simple move a try, and I’m sure it’ll help you to be hitting longer golf drives in no time.

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