Improve Putting Distance Control By Doing This

I bet you’ve never done this before with your putting….

The next time you’re practicing putting, count how many seconds your ball takes to reach the hole.

Why would you want to do that?

Very simply, it will help with improving your distance control when you’re putting and you’ll 3 putt less.

Here’s how this works.

If you have a 40 footer and it takes 5 seconds for your ball to reach the hole then you can use that information to help you gauge the distance of putts better.

For example, out on the golf course if you have a 40 footer you should visualize your ball traveling to the hole for a total of 5 seconds.  So you see in your minds eye the ball moving so it reaches the hole in 5 seconds.

Most golfers will see a line their ball should travel on, but will not see their ball rolling at the pace it needs to so it finishes close to the target.

This is very valuable information I’m sharing with you.  Just think.  If you have an uphill 40 footer you’ll have to hit the ball harder so it will take less time to reach the hole, say 4 seconds instead of 5 seconds.  If you have a downhill 40 footer on fast greens it may take 7 seconds for your ball to reach the hole… and you can visualize that.

Trust me, by using this technique of visualizing your ball rolling to the hole using the time you think it’s going to take, you’ll hit your long putts a lot closer to the hole… and as a result you’ll 3 putt less.

As I said at the beginning of this post, I bet you’ve never done that before. And I have lots more simple tricks and things that you would never have done before to become a great putter.  All of that information is in my Putting Game Improvement Program which you find out about here.

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Jeff Richmond