How To Join Your Right Hand To The Golf Grip For Better Golf Shots

A lot of golfers struggle to join the right hand to the golf grip correctly and this causes golfers to hit erratic golf shots, especially the slice. So in this post I’m going to share with you information that will help you to join the right hand to the golf club so it compliments your left hand and helps you to hit better, more consistent golf shots.

Now there are basically three different ways in which you can grip the golf club with your right hand. More specifically what I’m referring to is the underneath part of your right hand. The three different golf grips are called:

  • Interlocking grip
  • Vardon/Overlapping grip
  • Ten Finger grip.

Let’s look at the interlocking grip first.

The interlocking grip is one where the little finger on the right hand interlocks with the trigger finger on the left hand.

The interlocking grip is used by some great golfers like Jack Nicklaus, John Daly and Tiger Woods. But for the majority of golfers this grip should not be used.


Because the majority of golfers suffer from a slice problem and the interlocking grip tends to restrict the hands from releasing through impact which naturally can help to promote a fade/slice.

The Ten Finger grip however is the opposite because all ten fingers are on the grip (like a baseball grip) it means that the hands and wrists are more free to release through impact. If you have a bad slice problem this is a good golf grip to try. It’s also often used by lady golfers and young children playing golf.

For the majority of golfers they should be using the Vardon/Overlapping grip. This is the golf grip used by most of the best golfers in the world. The overlapping is formed by the right small finger of the right hand overlapping the left hand trigger finger.

So experiment with these right hand golf grips to find the best one for you. Please understand however that no matter what grip you choose the right hand grip should be all in the fingers not the palm.

As I said at the beginning of this golf grip article, your right hand should compliment your left hand grip and you do this by overlapping you right palm on your left hand so the lifeline on your right hand fits snugly over your left thumb. This will join your right and left hand nicely together so they appear as one.

It’s important to note that when you have completed your right hand grip the V’s of both hands should be pointing along the same line. You don’t want the V of your left hand pointing at your chin and the V of your right hand pointing at your right shoulder. The V’s should be pointing in the same place.

One final important golf grip tip is that you should be aware not to grip the club more tightly with your right hand. If you’re naturally right handed then your right side is probably quite a bit stronger than your left side. Don’t let that dominate your golf swing however because it will start with your right hand grip. So when you grip the golf club with your right hand make sure you grip the golf club with equal grip pressure.

If you follow this advice you’ll have a right hand grip that will compliment your left hand grip and this will allow you to hit better golf shots.

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