How To Hit 5 Yard Professional Draws (the exact numbers needed)

If you get a chance to go on a Trackman/Flightscope type of machine, the numbers can be enlightening and confusing at the same time.

So I want to simplify things for you.

Let’s say you want to hit a powerful draw…. what critical numbers do you need?

Well, to hit a draw you need to start the ball to the right of your target.  So the clubface needs to be pointing to the right of your target at impact, because the clubface largely dictates the starting line of your shot.

Now you may think this is an open clubface, but hold on – because…

For a draw, your clubface then needs to be closed in relation to your path.

The amount of curve you have on a golf ball is largely determined by your swing path.  If you have a huge in to out swing path and a square clubface, you are going to hit a shot that starts straight at your target and then has a HUGE snap hook to the left.

What you want however, is a little 5 yard draw.  You would be pretty happy if you could do that all the time, wouldn’t you?

What are the trackman/flightscope numbers to do that?

You would need a clubface that is slightly open… say 1 degree.  Then you would need a path that is slightly in to out… say 2 degrees.  By doing that the clubface is 1 degree closed to the path.   If you could do that you would hit awesome, professional draws.  Shots that start just to the right of the target and then draw back.

So that’s the theory.

But how on earth do you combine swinging in to out with a slightly closed clubface (to the swing path)?

Well, I have a 17 day program that teaches you how to do exactly that. To find out more about that simply go here.

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Jeff Richmond