Golf Tip – How To Stop Picking The Club Up At The Start Of The Golf Swing

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I am picking the club up when I start my golf swing. Can you give me something simple to stop this from happening?

Golf Tip Answer

Jack Nicklaus has said many times that the first 2 feet of the swing are the most important. And it’s totally true.

You see, the swing is a chain reaction, and the first two feet of the swing is about the only part of the swing that you can consciously control. You want to start each swing with a smooth, low take-away. So here’s a great drill to teach you how to do this.

Setup to a shot as normal, but place a tee about 15 to 18 inches behind your ball just inside the target line. Now simply practice swinging and taking the clubhead back. As you take your clubhead back it should knock over the tee.

If you don’t knock it over, then stop your swing and start again. Keep doing this until you consistently knock over the tee.

When you’re first doing this exercise, start your swing smoothly in a one-piece motion using the entire upper body, and move the club away slowly. Once you get good at doing this exercise with a slow take-away, then speed up your take-away until you’re swinging at full speed while hitting the tee in your backswing. Do this exercise for 30 days and you’ll notice a huge improvement in your consistency and shot patterns.

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