Golf Tip – Lower Ball Flight In Strong Winds

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When I’m playing in strong winds I struggle a lot trying to keep my shots down on shots into the wind. Can you give me some pointers on how to play these shots with a lower ball flight?

Golf Tip Answer

I have 6 key things for you to do when playing a shot directly into a strong wind that will greatly help. Here they are:

1. Widen your stance. By doing this it will give you more stability over the shot, and it will also naturally help your swing to be shorter and more compact.

2. Place the ball back in your stance so it’s at least in the middle of your stance.

3. Don’t swing fully, but instead only hit three quarter to half shots.

4. Take a lot more club than normal to compensate for your shorter swing, and for the wind.

5. Reduce your wrist cock when swinging. And if it’s really, really windy, hit shots with very little wrist cock, e.g. like a very long putt. By doing this you’ll impart very little backspin on the ball.

6. Swing at about 70-80% of your potential power. The harder you swing the more backspin you’ll put on the ball, which will make the ball balloon up.

So, when swinging into a strong wind follow these guidelines and you’ll get much, much better results. However, you should practice these things on a non-windy day before you put them into play during a high wind round.

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