Golf Swing Balance Tip

Do you often lose your balance in your golf swing? If you do, here’s what you can do about it.

First of all, you need to understand that the way you setup to the golf ball dictates to a large degree the balance that you’ll have during your golf swing. And so here is how to achieve a balanced posture position from which to start your golf swing.

1st. Stand up straight with your feet about shoulder width apart, then

2nd.Take the straightness out of your knees, then…

3rd. Place a club along your spine, and then

4th.Bend forward making sure that your spine remains straight. It’s very important when doing this golf drill that your backside moves back as this helps to create a balanced golf posture position. You want your weight to be on the balls of your feet when you’re setup and it won’t be unless you follow the steps suggested.

And finally…..

5th. Once you’ve bent over (by moving your backside back and keeping your back straight) the next step is to move your left hip (right hip for lefties) slightly towards your target. When you do this it automatically positions your head behind the ball, which is just where you want it.

Once in this golf posture position you can place a club on the ground in a position to hit a ball, and you probably will have to either bend over more or stand up straighter depending on what club you are using. For example, when you’re using a wedge you’ll have to bend over more than you would for a driver because a wedge is quite a bit shorter than a driver is.

Then once you’ve done this exercise and you’re setup then get someone to lightly push on both shoulders from behind and in front. Because doing this will help you to set your weight to the insides of both feet which is where the weight should be. Then get your partner to push lightly on your back and if you fall over it’s because your weight is too far forward, so set your weight more back on the balls of your feet.

When you’re in balance you’ll find that when someone gives you a slight push you’ll be steady as a rock, and this should be your aim. So do the posture exercise and test yourself until you pass. When you do, your balance will be a lot better during your golf swing and you’ll hit longer golf shots more consistently.

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