Golf Improvement Mistakes (1 to 3)

John Richardson

Below you’ll find a video with John Richardson and Andy Brown.  And this is a must see video because in it John Richardson reveals the top 3 reasons why golfers fail to improve. Make sure you watch right the way to the end too because when you fix the 3rd “mistake” you’ll undoubtedly lower your score the next game you you play.

Now who is John Richardson?

John is a golfer from Northern Ireland. And he was the typical golfer who shoots over 100, works full-time, has a family etc., etc. But John set a huge goal to shoot par or break par within a year and here were his rules for this challenge:

  • There must be a witness present
  • The course must be par 70 or more
  • The course must be at least 6000 yards
  • Don’t get divorced
  • Don’t go bankrupt or lose his business

Sam Torrance told John to “Dream On” and Darren Clarke said ‘Three years would be a realistic minimum’ to break par!

Well John shot a round of 70 (1 under par) – just 362 days after shooting 103! He achieved this while working full time, looking after the family etc. so if you’re in a similar situation to John and want to improve your golf game a lot then listen to what he has to say very carefully.

Over the last 4 years or so since John achieved his goal he has written a best selling book, is going to have a movie made about his year long journey AND he’s helped hundreds of golfers in his Break Par Blueprint Program to make massive improvements to their golf games too. But over the last 4 years John has identified 10 main mistakes that stop golfers from improving like they really want.

With John’s permission I’m lucky enough to be able to share these videos with you that will reveal these 10 top mistakes. And in this first video John shares the top 3 main mistakes golfers make when they try to improve.  So watch this video and then leave your comments below.

About John Richardson: John is from Northern Ireland.  And as an average golfer he set an extraordinary goal of shooting par or better within a year.  His first round to kick off the challenge was 103.  And then 362 days later he shot 70!  Everything John did to achieve this goal is explained in full detail in this Break Par Blueprint Program which is perfect for the “average” golfer that want’s to make a big improvement to their golf game.

About Andy Brown: Andy lives in St. Andrews and is the publisher of The New Four Magic moves which you can find out more about here.

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