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Do you want golf tips to improve your golf game without practicing? Well, here’s one easy thing you can do…exercise. Before you click away stick with me here because I’m going to prove to you how exercising can actually save you time. Strange but true. Read these two golf tips and the rest of the article to discover how this can happen, plus tips for little things you can do to improve your golf game without practice.

Golf Tip 1: When you exercise, you will gain time, not spend it. You will gain time for your busy day because you will increase your metabolism. Increasing your metabolism means you have more energy and you get more done with the same time and thus become more efficient. You accomplish more in the same amount of time. Another way you will be gaining time is that you will reduce your need for sleep. Don’t believe me? If you are normally a couch-potato-type person, just try it for one week and see if you don’t stay up later or get up earlier naturally. It has also been said by Dr. Ralph Paffenbarger of Harvard that for every hour spent exercising in your life, statistically, this will return 2 hours of quality life back to you for your life’s expectancy, that is, how long you will live. That’s been long ago scientifically proven to say nothing of the benefits of disease prevention.

Golf Tip 2: With exercise it’s not all or nothing. Whatever you do is good. A little bit is good and more is better up to a point. Anything you do will help so don’t think you have to go join a gym and get religious about it like a touring pro to get some benefits for your game. There’s so many ways you can get more exercise into your busy life for example, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park far away in the parking lot; it’ll save your car from door dents besides. Do knee bends or jumping jacks or running in place for a few minutes in your office to break up your day. It’ll make you more productive at work too. Get creative and just be more active, and you will see a difference in your golf, even if you do always use a cart at the course.

Golf Tip 3: Develop Your Strength. Dr Gary Wiren, former PGA educational director and Golf Digest top 20 instructor: “It’s important to get stronger, not so you can swing harder but so you can swing easier”. Perfectly said, that’s the real benefit! If we can get the same distance by swinging with less effort, then it will be easier to control the club, simple.

Again, there’s loads of information in this area and I have links for more info, but here are a couple quick golf tips that take no time.

Get yourself one of those mini-donut swing weights and use it. For the money, this is the best golf gadget on the market. You can get one anywhere they sell golf stuff for less than a large pack of tees, like $3 U.S! Always swing it in control, don’t let it swing you. It will build up your golf-specific muscles.

Here’s another quick and easy golf tip to improve your strength. Snead said to squeeze tennis balls when you’re doing passive activities, like sitting and watching t.v. It’s also a good way to relieve stress. As an added benefit to doing this, the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons study showed that golfer’s elbow can be avoided or lessened by strengthening forearms.

Many golf fitness gurus will tell you that if you want to hit the ball farther, the number one area to work on is what they call – your core. In simpler terms it’s your torso, especially the lower torso. That means doing sit-ups, back extensions, etc.

My chiropractor summed this all up for when he told me: “Craig, your body is like a balance sheet. You’re going to do good things and you’re going to do bad things to it. You want to try and do more good than bad”. In other words, it’s not all or-nothing again. Anything you do good will help so don’t think you have to all of a sudden become a fitness fanatic like Woods. Do something, a little bit today, maybe a little bit more next week before an important round and pay attention to what you put in your body and keep the negatives in moderation. Remember that word, moderation, and repeat it to yourself, it’s another big key. Look, I’m like a lot of people who think that life is meant to be lived and not worry too much about everything you ingest that could kill you. The scientists keep changing their mind every year about what’s good for us anyway, right? You know your body, just use common sense and let your golf game be your incentive to fall on the good side of the balance sheet because it will pay you back on the course with lower scores. Decide that you want that and then take some action to make it happen, and it will!

About the author: This is article is just a snippet from the great product called Break 80 Without Practice by Craig Sigl. For years Craig struggled to break 80 like so many amateur golfers. After throwing his clubs in the corner of his garage and giving up, he discovered golf’s secrets that changed his life and renewed his game. A year later he scored 77 on a championship course. He then went on to drive his handicap down to a 5, make a hole in one, and record his first under par round…all without practicing. He is now a mental toughness trainer and teaches his methods to golfers worldwide. To learn more about breaking 80 without practice go here now.

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