7 Moves for More Distance

Below are 7 things you should do for more distance. This advice comes from the Max Distance DVD that you can find out more about here.

#1. The Grip

When you are gripping the club make sure that the fingers in your left hand and the palm of your right hand are gripping the club. You should also use a strong grip with 2 or 3 knuckles visible. As always your palms should be facing each other.

# 2. Round Backswing

In order to build up the torque needed to hit the ball further you must remember that the backswing goes around not up and down. When you reach the top of the backswing your back should be facing the target. Your right knee should keep the same flex and position and 90% of your weight needs to be on the right side.

#3. Round Downswing

At the beginning of the downswing your left knee starts to move back to its original position and towards the target. This starts a chain reaction and moves your hip slightly forward and away. While this is happening you right knee is moving towards the target and it will bring the golf club, arms, and your right shoulder down the same path.

# 4. Swing Plane

You must keep the clubhead on the same path back and through. The more you can turn the more power you will generate. Ideally your back should be facing the target at the top of your backswing.

# 5. Weight Transfer

Both knees have the same flex at address and your weight is evenly balanced. The left knee starts the chain reaction for the backswing and the downswing. Your left knee should move to the right in the backswing and towards the target in the downswing. At finish, 95% of your weight should be on the left and your right heel needs to be in the air.

# 6. Left Arm Long

Keeping your left arm long (not stiff) creates more distance for the clubhead to travel. When you combine width with clubhead speed you’ll be amazed at the extra distance it creates.

# 7. The Release

The release is your last chance to get those extra yards in the downswing. At the beginning of the downswing straighten your right arm and turn it over your left arm at impact. This will generate the extra clubhead speed.

That was just a small selection of what the Max Distance DVD covers. To get the full scoop (over 90 minutes of instruction on a DVD) on how to achieve maximum distance click here now.

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