3 Drills for More Distance

Here’s 3 drills to help you hit longer golf drives…

#1. Swing Faster NOT Harder

It’s a fact that the faster you swing the further the ball goes, because for every 1 mph you increase your swing speed you add about 2.5 yards to your shots. The problem is that golfers often make the mistake of trying to swing harder… and that creates extra tension.

Please understand this about tension… it’s is a killer to swing speed.

When you’re swinging you should only be using the necessary amount of muscle tension in your body and no more. If you have more tension in your muscles than is necessary, you will be swinging slower than you should and that will cause shots to be shorter than you want. If you swing hard it may feel faster – but in reality it will be slower. Always remember this…

A Tense Muscle Is A Slow Muscle

So when you swing, make sure you focus on swinging faster NOT harder. Think fast not hard (unlike the golfer pictured above).

#2. The Release

Above I talked about being relaxed and tension free when swinging to help you hit the ball further. And one critical place where that has to happen is when you’re swinging through the ball. Sadly, a lot of golfers swing through the ball without utilizing their wrists, and consequently are only swinging at impact as fast as their arms are traveling… which isn’t very fast.

A great way to help you learn to use your hands correctly through the ball, is to hit balls off your knees. Simply tee up a ball like you normally would with your driver. Then get on your knees and drive the ball from your knees. Doing this will quickly teach you how to use your wrists to generate more power.

# 3. Swing Sequencing

As far as golf swing power is concerned, one of the big keys is getting the sequencing correct from the transition in your backswing to downswing. Because during that part of your golf swing, for a brief second your upper body should be completing the backswing while your lower body is starting to move towards the target. So to complete the transition successfully you should have two main segments of your body (upper and lower) going in different directions.

That sounds tough, but an easy way to feel this movement is to simply get your golf club and swing it on a horizontal plane like a baseball swing. When you do this you should feel like you’re starting to move your lower body towards your target as you complete your backswing. When you get that feeling down, then transfer that same feeling to your golf swing and you will hit the ball further.

There’s nothing quite like adding 20 yards to your drives quickly. That’s why I created the 21 Yards In 21 Days program. To give golfers a simple, daily program that will help them to add yards to their drives. So if you’ve got 15 minutes a day spare to do this, then go here and get this program while it’s on special.

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