How To Swing The Golf Club Faster

Swinging the golf club faster through impact will result in longer golf drives and more fun for you. Plus you will shoot lower golf scores because you’ll have higher lofted clubs into the greens, making it easier for you to get your ball close to the hole.

So how do you swing the golf club faster?

The main way is to work on improving your body to allow you to swing faster. You see, your body has a limit on how fast it will let you swing. If you currently swing at 85 mph the only way you are going to get up to swinging 100 mph so you add 30+ yards to your drives is to improve and train your body to do it.

Because the golf swing is performed standing on your feet you should use exercises that involve standing up so you get the most transfer benefits to your golf swing. Also, because the golf swing is completed in less than 2 seconds it doesn’t make any sense to do long workouts in an attempt to swing the golf club faster.

So if you’re doing long endurance type of workouts this will be hurting your swing speed.

You don’t see any marathon runners doing well in the 100 m sprint!

The type of exercises you should be doing to swing faster are rotational type of exercises with medicine balls and dumbbells. You can do all of this at home. You don’t need to join a gym to hit longer drives.

Also, it’s important that you understand that you need to train your body to swing fast. That involves doing exercises in a very quick manner for a short period of time, e.g. 10-15 seconds. Plus it also involves trying to swing the golf club faster.

A lot of golfers are trying to swing through certain positions which tends to make them swing the golf club in a mechanical manner and thus, slowing down their golf swing speed. You need to free up your golf swing to release the potential power that you have. You can’t do that by trying to consciously force your body into positions as you’re swinging.

That wouldn’t help if you were trying to hammer a nail into a piece of wood, and it won’t work if you’re trying to hit longer drives.

So to increase your golf swing speed be sure to work on improving your body to allow you to swing faster. When you do this you need to choose exercises that are rotational in nature and done standing on your feet. Also, practice fast movements to train your body to move quickly. Finally, be loose when you swing so you have freedom to move quickly so you hit longer drives.

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