What’s Your Golf Story?

We all have a golfing story.

What’s yours?

And when I ask you that question I’m talking about the story you’re telling yourself in relation to different aspects of your golf game.

For example, your golfing story might be that you are a good ball striker but have a terrible short game.

Your story might be that you’re a great putter but you simply can’t hit a driver and if you could you would be on a much lower handicap.

These are just short little examples of stories.

But this relates more to certain aspects of your golf game in terms of golf improvement. There’s a lot of layers to this.

Take putting for example… you might have a story going through your head that you’re a bad short putter and you often miss short putts.

If a golfer has a story going through their head, it’s very hard to improve in that aspect. Sometimes it can happen however, with a tip… and then that golfer will change their story to be something like… I used to be a bad short putter but now thanks to (insert tip or new putter here) my short putting is much better.

Often theses story changes are temporary. But here’s an awesome way to improve your golf game.

Pick a part of your golf game that you’re not very good at. Then write out (yes in your own handwriting) the story so far in that part of your golf game. Basically how you got to where you are.

Then after you’ve done that you can write a new story for that part of your golf game. You have to be careful doing this however. It can’t be a ridiculous story change like you never miss 3 foot putts if you’re a bad short putter.

So write out a new (much better) story for the game of golf that is holding you back the most.

But just writing out a new story is going to do very little to actually change your thinking, and therefore that part of your golf game.

So what is?

Well, remember at school when you had to physically write things over and over.

If you did that enough the things you were writing about got ingrained into your brain.

You can use that same principle to improve your golf game.

Write out your new story 5 – 10 times a day (depending on the length of it).

If you do that day after day your mind will be rewired to slowly start believing the new story.

Is this as easy as just trying a new tip?


But it works if you’re consistent with it. So if you’re serious about improving a part of your golf game that is holding you back, do it… and then thank me later.

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Jeff Richmond