Discover How Hard To Grip The Golf Club For Consistent Golf Shots

When swinging the golf club you don’t want to hold the club either too hard or too soft. The problem is finding that firmness that works well for you. Now because we are all different there is no one grip firmness suitable for everyone. So in this article I’m going to give you an exercise to help you find the right golf grip firmness for you.

Alright, when you swing the golf club you need to grip the golf club with just enough firmness so that the club doesn’t slip or move around as you’re swinging.

A good golf drill to help you feel this is to setup to a shot as normal, but before you swing place either a golf tee or coin between the pad of your left hand and the grip. This tee or coin should be securely in place from the pressure that you’re placing on the golf grip with your left hand.

Once you have set this up then you simply need to swing and make sure that the tee (or coin) is kept in place the entire time while you’re swinging. Experiment with different grip pressures to see what the result is when you’re swinging.

Remember, you want to grip the golf club with just enough firmness to keep the club in place as you’re swinging and no more. So try releasing pressure while practicing this golf drill, and increasing pressure also. You need to find the right grip for you that gives you the correct amount of pressure as you grip the golf club.

When doing this you can give numbers to the firmness of grip that you’re using. This will make it easy for you to have a reference point, so that if your ball striking goes south you can come back to a grip firmness reference to hopefully help get you back to good ball striking.

Don’t take the grip for granted. It’s your only connection with the golf club and it has a huge impact on your ball striking abilities.

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