The No.1 Thing To Focus On For Longer Golf Drives

If you want to hit longer golf drives, and let’s face it, what golfer doesn’t, then there is one crucial aspect of your drives that you need to focus on for this to happen.

What is it, I hear you ask?

Well, it’s where you contact the golf ball on the clubface. You see, in 1998 Golf Digest did a study into this and found that when a golf ball was hit with a 100 mph golf swing right on the sweet spot it goes 258 yards. But when a golf ball was hit with a 100 mph golf swing but 1 inch off the sweet spot the ball only went 227 yards.

So everything was the same with the only difference being that the sweet spot was missed by 1 inch, causing the golf ball to lose 31 yards in distance.

Now you may be thinking that this was in 1998 and golf clubs have come a long way since then. But please understand this. No matter what a golf club manufacturer says about an increased sweet spot or multiple sweet spots there is only ONE sweet spot and it is tiny. About the size of a penny.

So if you want to hit longer golf drives you should focus on hitting the golf ball out of the center of your clubface with more consistency. If you improve at doing that then you will hit longer golf drives.

You see, the golf ball doesn’t care about swing positions – only what happens at impact.

A good way to work on sweet spot contact is to get some impact tape or impact stickers for your driver. Simply practice your driving and focus on hitting the ball out of the center of the clubface.

When you do this you’ll no doubt find that you tend to miss the ball either towards the heel or toe. This will give you great feedback on improving your golf swing so you hit the ball on the center of the clubface more often. The amazing thing when doing this is that often awareness can be curative.

By that I mean just by knowing where you tend to miss the sweet spot you can fix this without really trying to. Strange but true. Do this the next time you practice your driving and see if you don’t hit longer golf drives as a result.

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