Tour Striker Review

There’s no doubt about it….

What separates the average amateur from professionals is impact.

Because at impact….

  • Professionals are swinging faster
  • Professionals hit the sweet spot more often
  • Professionals have a better path into the ball
  • Professionals contact the ball with a squarer clubface more often

But there’s one BIG thing that ALL professionals do that really separates them from the pack.

At impact the hands are ahead of the clubhead, and they are hitting down into the back of the ball (this is for every club, apart from the driver when pro’s swing slightly up on the ball). Here is a picture demonstrating this:

No doubt you’ve heard a million times to hit down on the golf ball. And you probably already know that you should have your hands ahead of the clubface at impact, so the club is leaning towards the target. But knowing what to do and actually doing what you should are two completely different things, aren’t they?!

That’s where the Tour Striker comes in, which you can see below:

As you can see from the image above (and below) of the tour striker… the last four or five grooves on the clubface are gone.

The creator of this golf club (Martin Chuck) created this club to force his students to lead with the hands, and hit down into the ball first before hitting the ground. The great thing about doing this, is you will have more lag and compress the ball more, so you hit the ball longer and straighter.

When you hit this golf club, you get instant feedback as to whether or not you achieve a tour quality impact position, with your hands ahead of the clubface at impact and a descending angle attack. Because if you don’t… you’ll hit worm burners (shots along the ground :-)).

Having said that, this is only the case if you’re hitting this club off a tight lie. If you use this club off a fluffy lie you can still hit reasonable shots while flipping the hands.

So my advice is to get this club and get used to it, and then hit off tight/hardpan lies to really work on improving your impact positions.

The great thing about this club is not only does it provide instant feedback, but it forces golfers to do things correctly. Like… getting their weight on their left side and hitting the ball first before the ground.

I have seen golfers swing this club and make amazing improvements in their ball striking within 10 swings. And even if you’re a good ball striker it’s still a great club to get, because it forces you to work on improving what happens at impact, in terms of hitting the center of the clubface.

One problem it will solve for a lot of golfers, is when a golfer hits their 7 iron the same distance as their 4 iron. I hear this all the time. This club will help to fix that problem.

So this is a great club that can only help the majority of golfers to hit the ball better. For more information about this club simply go here.

Overall Opinion: Highly Recommend

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