Pitching Consistency Tip

There’s almost nothing worse than “flubbing” a pitch shot. And often when we practice our pitching we are trying to hit one good shot after another. We’re searching for consistency in other words. But so much of golf improvement is counter-intuitive, and this new tip today definitely is… However, ironically, if you do it you…

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How To Make Chipping/Pitching Easy

What I’m about to share with you could make golf so much easier and less stressful for you. Especially if you struggle with chipping and pitching. Seriously! So grab a beverage of your choice and read this like your golf life depends on it (maybe a bit dramatic, but read and then try what I have to say because you…

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Golf Tip – Pitch Shot Distance Control

Golf Tip Question When I’m faced with a pitch shot in the 20 – 50 yard range I have no idea how hard to hit it. I have no feel and it shows! What can I do so I have more feel for these pitch shots? Golf Tip Answer Feel on pitch shots is critical.…

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Golf Drill To Improve Your Pitching Feel

When you watch golf on T.V. you often hear the commentators talking about feel shots. Especially when a golfer is faced with a pitch shot. So what do they mean when they talk about a feel shot? Well, what they are referring to is that the golfer will not have a specific yardage for the…

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Golf Pitching Consistency Drill

You would think that a pitch shot would be easier for golfers because of the shorter swing required. But sadly, most amateur golfers hit worse pitch shots than they do full shots. It doesn’t need to be like that and I’m going to explain why this is often the case, and what you can do…

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4 Secrets To Short Game Success Video

In the golf video below John Richardson shares his 4 secrets to short game success.   But in case you don’t want to watch the video here is a summary of what John has to say: 1. Get Creative With Where You Practice. His local course had no practice area so he had to sneak onto…

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"Which One of These 7 Shortcuts Will Instantly Improve Your Ball Striking?"