Bryson DeChambau Golf Swing Analysis

In this blog post I’ve got an interesting golf swing review of 22 year old Bryson DeChambeau, who was a Physics Major at SMU. Bryson has received a lot of publicity since he just turned pro. But you may not be aware of who he is or why he’s getting so much attention. So let me give you a bit of…

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Golf Pro Head Movement Analysis

In this new post I’m going to be looking at 23 great golfer’s swings in terms of their head movement. I’m doing this because a little while ago I read this statement on the Internet: “the average PGA Tour player moves his head only one inch during the swing” That got me intrigued to see…

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Justin Rose Golf Swing Analysis

Justin Rose won the 2013 US Open and it was an impressive display of ball striking on the final day. Particularly impressive was his last two full shots (and chip) on the 18th hole. Justin is known as one of the best, most consistent ball strikers around, so I thought it would be interesting to…

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