Score Lower By Doing This 1 Thing

There’s no doubt about it…

Golf is a HARD game!

But oftentimes we can make a hard game even harder, here’s how…

Before every game you could have a long list of things you’re working on in your swing, OR…

…as I heard Jack Nicklaus saying recently…

“You should only have one swing key/thought out on the golf course”.

Incidentally, I heard that when the commentators were talking about Vijay Singh working on 15 things.

Jack politely said, “well, that’s way too many.”

So the next time you play golf make sure you don’t have more than 1 thing to focus on as you’re swinging.

It’s a simple thing, but often it’s the simple things that we forget and then we get into trouble.

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Which One Of These 7 Shortcuts Will Instantly Improve Your Ball Striking?
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Jeff Richmond


"Which One of These 7 Shortcuts Will Instantly Improve Your Ball Striking?"