Phil Mickelson’s Putting Secret

What a final round by Phil the thrill (Phil Mickelson) to win the 2013 Open! And what a great birdie putt on the last to secure the title.

What’s interesting is that before the Open started Phil Mickelson said he had a putting secret. Here’s exactly what he said…

“(I) kind of found the secret to my own putting and what I need to do to putt well… hopefully that one common thread that’s given me problems here (on links courses), I hopefully have solved.”

And he putted very well on those tricky greens to help him win the title. But when Phil was probed about his putting secret he said…

“I tried to skip over that because I’m not going to discuss it,”  he said. “I feel that I’ve kind of keyed in on something and I  don’t really want to share.”

So do you want to know what Phil Mickelson’s putting secret is?

Well, I haven’t spoken to Phil personally to find out what it is, and I personally don’t care because…

I know the real secret to Phil’s putting success. And that secret is… (not really a secret at all)….


That “secret” applies to the entire game, doesn’t it?

If you’re confident you can score extremely well, you can putt well, you can chip well, you can hit your drives well.

It’s a mental thing, right?

And I have given you some great mental tips over the years,  because it’s so important to improving our golf game. Here’s what some quite good golfers have to say on the matter…

“And I can tell you that golf is in its infancy concerning the  power of the mind.” – Gary Player

“Golf is a game that is played on a 5-inch course… the distance between your ears.” – Bobby Jones

“The most difficult player I had to compete against was myself” – Jack Nicklaus

And because the mental side of golf is so important, I have put together a complete training manual on how you can become mentally tough, like Phil Mickelson.  Go here to find out more.

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