How To Stop Hitting Fat Golf Shots

How often do you see pro’s on T.V. fat a golf shot?

Very rarely, right?

And there are pro’s on Tour that you would think have something wrong with their golf swing if you were looking at a perfect golf swing model.

You’ve got Jim Furyk compared to Rory McIlroy.

John Daly compared with Luke Donald.

Dustin Johnson compared with Zach Johnson.

I could go on and on but the point is, there is no perfect swing.

So if you hit at least 1 fat shot every game of golf, it’s not your swing that’s the problem…. it’s you.

What do I mean by that?

Well, have you ever practiced not fatting the ball?

You may have thought you have by trying to improve your golf swing. But I’m not talking about that, because there’s a million and one things you could try to improve your swing so you don’t fat it. And even if you found the “one” thing that is causing your fat shot, it still won’t guarantee you’ll never fat the ball again.

So instead, what I’m talking about is going out and practicing hitting the ball first and then the ground.

If you do that, I believe any swing “issues” you’re having that are causing your fat problems will resolve themselves enough so you don’t fat the ball anymore.

Or in other words, you’ll do whatever is necessary to not fat the ball with your current swing.

One of the best ways of doing that is to hit 7 irons out of a bunker. And I’m talking about full shots here.

If you can’t find a bunker to do this, then find some dirt to hit off. You need something where you can draw a line on the ground or in the sand. Then simply place the ball in front of the line and hit balls with the goal of never, ever striking the ground before the ball.

I like doing this exercise in a bunker because it gives you immediate and obvious feedback. Because if your club hits the ground before the ball you’ll see it quickly, plus the ball will go nowhere.

Only balls struck first out of the bunker go a good distance.

So instead of trying to groove a swing move to perfect your swing, how about you perfect what happens at impact so you ALWAYS hit the ball first. And then like a pro, you will hardly ever hit a fat shot.

How many shots will you save when you cut out fat shots??

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Jeff Richmond