How to Own Your Golf Swing

When Tiger Woods was playing golf he often was asked about his swing and what he was doing.

He said he was trying to own his golf swing. And he said that only two golfers have ever owned their swing. Ben Hogan and Moe Norman.

I don’t agree with only two golfers ever owning their golf swing. What about Nick Price? What about Jack Nicklaus? What about Lee Trevino?

Anyway… what does he mean “owning your golf swing”?

Well, I think he’s referring to having a real solid image in your mind as to what you’re trying to do and then being able to repeat that “feeling” over and over again… under tournament pressure.

And I say “feeling” because as I’ve been saying. Many great golfers think they are doing something when in fact they are doing something else. The most obvious example of that is Jim Furyk NOT feeling like he has a loop in his swing.

So owning your golf swing has nothing to do with outside appearance.  Ben Hogan didn’t use video analysis software to analyze his golf swing and then make changes.


He did it all by watching others, trying to copy what he thought they did well and then grooving the good bits by feel.

When you do this you won’t look like the person you’re trying to copy. That’s not the point of doing that. The point is to create a feeling in your body that makes sense to you and then you groove that.

And I think Tiger Woods lost that process a long time ago, because I remember seeing him in a T.V. interview at the start of his career talking about going into Golf Channel’s office and pulling out archives of great golfers playing different shots so he could copy their technique.

As Tiger’s career went on he got bogged down in swing theory and his ball striking, especially his driving, went downhill.

But look, so much of what you do on a day-to-day basis you own. For example, walking. You own your walk. Another example… eating.

You own the way you eat. 🙂

Do you own your golf swing like you do walking or eating?

You probably don’t, so what can you do about it?

Well, trying to swing through positions is never going to get you anywhere close to own your golf swing. Do you try to move your body through positions when you walk? Of course you don’t that would be crazy.

For some of you what I’m saying about owning your swing will make perfect sense. For others you’ll still go down the route of trying to groove a perfect golf swing by copying one perfect swing model.

But there is no ONE perfect golf swing. You don’t have to look far to see that, e.g. John Daly, Bubba Watson, Colin Montgomerie etc.

However, there is “A” perfect golf swing for YOU. And when you find it you can groove it and OWN it. And when you own your swing you can trust it and the good ball striking results will follow.

Now because this idea of owning a golf swing intrigued me so much, I researched underground mental techniques that I thought would help golfers to groove a great swing in record time. From all of my research I found 4 techniques that I thought would work best to do this and I combined all 4 of these techniques together to help golfers groove a great swing quickly and easily.

Then I put this into a new program called “15 Minutes To The Perfect Golf Swing” and let golfers test it out. The results from golfers using this unique method have been remarkable, like this….

“One day I can shoot 95 and the next I can shoot 85 with no rhyme or reason why the difference. I was getting very frustrated with this inconsistency and was looking for a solution. Then Jeff invited me to try his new program which I gratefully accepted. After a month or so I can finally say that I have become more consistent. I play at least twice a week and since starting the program every game has been in the 80’s. Before I would have at least had a couple of games in the mid 90’s but I haven’t even been close. My ball striking is a lot more consistent. My bad shots are simply not as bad anymore. If anyone get’s a chance to try this, on my experience you should jump at it. I’ve never done anything like this to improve my golf game and I’m so glad I tried it. You can’t beat lower scores with less effort. Thanks Jeff!”

John Baker, Australia

So if you’d like to try something different to improve your golf swing go here and get my “15 Minutes To The Perfect Golf Swing” program, because if you don’t you’ll get the same old results.

That program won’t teach you one perfect golf swing however. But by using this method for just 15 minutes a day, 3 times a week, it will teach you how to find the perfect golf swing for YOU, and then groove that.  Or in other words… owning your golf swing.

What I get you to do in that program will be something you’ve never, ever done before as far as improving your golf swing. And as you know, the only way you’re going to get different results is to do something different. Go here, get that program now and do something different… starting today.  This is the best way to own your golf swing.

Jeff Richmond