How To Make An Overspeed Device To Hit Longer Drives

Do you know what overspeed training is?

It’s simply doing an activity that moves you faster than normal.

So in sports other than golf, a sprinter would run downhill. A swimmer would use fin and flippers to swim faster.

And a golfer would swing a device that is lighter than normal.

How much lighter?

About 15% lighter has been found to be the best return on your investment.

So if you have a driver that is 300 grams then you’ll want a driver-like device that is 245 grams. And I’m going to tell you how to make such a device.

First you need a driver shaft with a grip on it, but WITHOUT a head on it. You can just get an old driver and take the head off. Or you can buy a driver shaft and put a grip on it.

Once you have a driver shaft then you need a couple of golf balls that you don’t want. Drill a hole right through the middle of the balls so that the golf balls can slide onto the shaft snuggly. It’s got to be a tight fit.

Next you’ll need two hose clamps to keep the balls from flying off, plus some liquid nails (you can get these at any good hardware store).

So when you’re ready to put the balls on the shaft, simply put one of the hose clamps on the shaft. Then put some liquid nails in the holes of the golf balls and then slide them onto the driver shaft. Then put the second hose clamp down the bottom so that the golf balls are wedged on the shaft. That’s it. Here is a picture
of a completed overspeed device that has been made following these instructions.

Once you have this overspeed device made then weigh how much it is. It doesn’t need to be exactly 15% less weight. If it’s within the range of 10 – 20% lighter than your current driver, it will help you learn to swing faster.

If after making this device it’s quite a bit lighter than that then just get some lead tape and secure it to the golf balls to make it heavier. That’s what I’ve done to the overspeed device you can see above.

After you have made your overspeed device, then you can start using it to train yourself to swing faster.

When you do this you need to do very short sessions. You should do, say, 3 sets of 5 swings. So swing for 5 swings as fast as you can. Then have a break for a couple of minutes and then swing again. Then repeat one more time and you’re done. Do this a couple of times a week.

Remember, you’re training to swing faster, so you don’t need to train long and hard. You need to train quick and short.

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Jeff Richmond