How To Groove Your New Perfect Golf Swing

It’s very important before you groove anything that you have a very clear idea in your mind as to what the perfect golf swing for you is. That’s why this new article is after this one.  

So I’m going to assume that you have a good image of the perfect golf swing you want to groove.

Once you’ve done that then how do you go about grooving your perfect golf swing?

Well, let me be honest, it’s not going to be easy doing it the traditional way.


Ok, think about this. Imagine if you wanted to change your walking style… how hard would that be?

Obviously it would be very hard. And although your golf swing is not as ingrained as your walk is it will still be very ingrained, because I bet you’ve swung a golf club thousands of times.

That’s why when a golfer feels like they are making a big change to their golf swing, you then put them on video and their “big” changed swing is very close to their “normal” golf swing.

So how do you make a real change to your golf swing?

Well, the “traditional” way is to do a lot of repetitions.

I’ve heard talk that you need to do 10,000 repetitions to own a movement.

The problem with the golf swing is that it’s one movement but it’s a very complicated one. That’s why you often get golfers working on perfecting one specific move in the golf swing, e.g. the take-away.

I don’t agree with doing that however, as the golf swing is a complete movement and when you start breaking it down into pieces you can get really confused and it can ruin your entire game.

Having said that, I think you can move the club through positions and pose critical ones so you’re teaching your mind what you want to do at a particular place in your golf swing. I just would never get someone to just practice taking the club away 100 times and then repeat that over and over again.

So the first thing you should to do to groove your new perfect golf swing is to swing and pose critical positions in the golf swing. What are the critical positions in the golf swing?

Here they are….

Now the golf swing is a complete movement. It’s not a series of positions so you should not practice that way to groove your new perfect golf swing.

After you’ve got a feel for all the important positions in the golf swing then the next, very important thing you should do is to practice swinging in slow motion.

“Whenever I am working on something I always
do it in slow motion.”

Ben Hogan

Now the thing with Hogan was that he was always working on improving his swing, right?

And so you could conclude that he often did slow motion training just to improve his swing in general, NOT just when he was working on something. But nowhere did he ever say that. However…

There is a home movie of Hogan on a beach in Florida showing his friends him swinging in slow motion, and he says that’s how he used to practice.

But be warned, this is simple to do but not easy.

Swinging in slow motion is quite hard on your body. That’s why you should limit this to only 10 QUALITY swings at one time.

If you want to do this more often I suggest you have a rest for a few hours after one set of 10 swings and then do another set.

This is all about quality not quantity.

You are training your mind and body to do what you want it to do during the swing.

Also, when you are doing slow motion swinging you should do so with your eyes closed, because this increases all of your senses and it will help your mind to groove the new swing quicker.

Ok, so let’s summarize where you’re at as far as grooving your perfect golf swing.

  1. You’ve found your perfect golf swing you’re going to model.
  2. You know what the key positions in the golf swing are for your model.
  3. You have moved your swing through each key position and posed each one so it gives your mind a chance to grasp what you’re trying to do.
  4. You swing in slow motion with your eyes open and then closed.

Then, the next thing you need to do is…

Spend some time visualizing yourself swinging the club perfectly how you want.

Visualizing has been well known to improve a person’s golf game. Many, many great golfers have talked about sitting back in an easy chair and visualizing improving their golf games.

You can do the same with your golf swing.

“The effectiveness of mental practice (MP., i.e., the imagination of performing a motor skill without overt movement) has been well documented.”
Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport 66.n3 (Sept 1995):pp 262(6)

I’ve known about visualization for a long time but a couple of years ago I discovered 3 special mental techniques that when combined with visualization make grooving a movement, like a perfect golf swing so quick and easy. And those techniques are what I use in the 15 Minutes To The Perfect Golf Swing program.

The 4 step program I’ve outlined for you above to groove your perfect golf swing will work, but it will take a lot of time. That’s why my 15 Minutes To The Perfect Golf Swing program is so popular, because I’m giving you a massive shortcut that’s going to help you to groove your own perfect golf swing in record time. And there is nothing out there like this new method of improving your golf swing. It’s a revolutionary breakthrough in golf instruction. So if you want to FINALLY hit the ball longer, straighter and more consistently, without the need to hit thousands of balls, go here to find out more.

Jeff Richmond