Copy These 3 New Bryson Dechambeau Golf Swing Speed Changes

It’s no secret that Bryson has sped up his golf swing.  But what golf swing changes has he made to help do this, and can you copy them?

Actually, here’s some simple things he’s done that you can copy to help you hit longer drives.

The first is that he now lets his left heel come up off the ground in the backswing.  If you don’t do that already give it a try because it will help you make a bigger turn in the backswing.

The second simple thing he does is he simply takes the club away faster. No slow backswing for Bryson now.  By doing this it makes you much more athletic in the downswing and helps you to swing faster by giving you more momentum.  Give it a try.

The third thing he does, is he lets his left foot rotate out of the way in his follow-through.  Compare these two finish positions.

Isn’t that a huge difference?

The reason he does that is to reduce stress on his left knee when he’s swinging so fast.  But it could also allow him to swing faster. 🙂

There you go, that’s three simple things you can try to hit longer shots.

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Jeff Richmond