Two Golf Setup Key’s To Encourage A Draw (Not A Slice)

The golf slice ruins a lot of golfers scores.  And if you suffer from a golf slice please understand that there are simple things you can do in your setup to encourage a draw.  In this post I’m going to list two key things you can do in your golf setup to help you fix your slice and hit nice, powerful draws.

First, do this simple five step posture exercise with a driver:

Step 1- Stand up straight with your feet about shoulder width apart.

Step 2 – Let the straightness out of your knees.

Step 3 – Position your driver along your spine.

Step 4 – Bend your back forward keeping your spine straight with the aid of the golf club on your back. When you do this move your backside back as though you are sitting on a chair.  This will help to create a balanced setup position.

Step 5 – Move your left hip laterally towards the target by about 2 inches.

Once completed you will have to adjust how much you bend over depending on what club you are hitting.

So that’s a basic golf setup position.  Now there are some important things you can do to encourage a draw.

The first thing you can do is make sure that your right elbow has a slight bend at the elbow. When you look at your golf setup from down the line you should be able to see some of your left arm because your right arm is slightly bent.  You can check this by setting up in front of a mirror. Naturally you have to do this as though you are swinging directly away from the mirror but once you are setup then look back into the mirror to see if you can see some of your left arm.  If you can’t then adjust your arms and shoulders until you can.

The next small thing you can do is to stand slightly further away from the ball than is recommended.  A good way to tell if you’re standing a good distance away to encourage a draw is to take your right hand off the golf grip and swing it back and forth like an elephants trunk.

If your right hand swings back to the same place it was at address then that’s fine. But to encourage a draw it should swing back so that it hits your left hand.

So if you make these two adjustments when setting up to hit a golf ball you are more likely to hit a draw rather than the dreaded slice.

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