Golf Alignment Needed To Fix A Golf Slice

Golf alignment has a big affect on the shape of shots you hit.  If you suffer with a golf slice problem a large part of that is probably due to your poor golf alignment.  That’s why in this post I’m going to tell you the specific golf alignment you need to help you fix your golf slice.

Ok, first you need to understand that most right handed golfers that hit a slice try to fix it by aligning further to the left to compensate for the slice. But that’s the worst thing you can do because it only makes the golf ball slice more.

To fix a slice you need to go against your natural instincts and do the opposite.

So that means you have to align yourself to the right of the target.  If you’ve got a slice problem right now that probably sounds like a scary thing to do but you can’t keep doing the same thing because otherwise you’ll get the same results.  So you’ve got to do something different to fix your golf slice and your golf alignment is a great place to start.

To do this simply setup to hit your shots and make sure all parts of your body, i.e.

  •     Feet
  •     Knees
  •     Hips
  •     Shoulders
  •     Arms (elbows)

…are aimed to the right of your target.

The only thing that should not be aimed to the right of your target is the clubface on your golf club.

If you setup like this you’ll quickly fix your slice and start hitting pretty little draws.  It will feel unnatural at first but stick with this new golf alignment and before you know it you’ll have a new, positive habit that will help you to hit better golf shots more often.   Then you’ll say…”who knew golf alignment was causing my golf slice!”

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