One Simple Drill To Help You Hit A Draw

Golfers everywhere want to hit a powerful draw instead of the weak old slice. But to hit a draw, it is absolutely essential that you swing into the ball from the inside. If your swing path is cutting across the ball slightly when you contact the ball, you will not be able to hit a draw.

So to help you do this, I’m going to give you a great drill that will help you to learn to swing from the inside.

To do this drill you will need a cardboard box. A shoe box works well for this, and I’m going to assume that it is what you are using for this golf drill.

So to do this drill, place a ball on a tee and then setup to the ball with your 5-iron. Once setup, I then want you to position your shoe box so it is just outside the toe of your iron.

Now you simply have to swing as normal, and by having the box so close to where the club is coming through, it will force you to swing down from the inside.

Naturally, this is exactly what you want to happen so you hit a powerful, professional looking draw.

But there is a good possibility that when you do this drill you’ll hit the shoe box before you hit the ball. If/when you do that it will be great feedback for you, because it’s instant… and it will probably give you a bit of a fright!

Your brain loves to avoid pain so this will help you to swing from inside the next time you swing.

If you have struggled to hit a draw in the past, you should do this shoe box drill often to help you groove a swing path that is moving from the inside. When you have this move down pact you too will be able to hit powerful, professional looking draws. How good will it feel when you can do that?

But please understand, you’ll only get to that point by putting in some serious work on this drill. Don’t just do it once and think you’re cured.


Do this golf drill over and over again so that when you play golf you swing naturally and automatically from the inside to produce the converted draw shot.

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