Learn To Release The Club Through Impact With These 3 Great Drills

Golfers often suffer from a slice problem because they don’t release the club through impact.  So if you suffer from a slice problem, you’re going to want to read these release drills and then do them often.  When you do them you’ll hit longer drives and enjoy playing golf more.

The first drill is a simple release drill.  To do it get out your driver and grip it as normal.  But instead of swinging it like you normally would, I want you to hold out the club straight in front of you and then swing your driver like a baseball player.   Do this swinging back and forth and use your legs as you’re swinging.

This is a great drill because it forces you to release the club through impact.

Next up I have another great drill to help you feel the correct release through the golf ball.

To do this drill tee up a ball quite high.  Then get your driver and setup to the ball as normal.  But before you start to swing, split your hands on the grip so your left hand is at the top of the grip and your right and is down near the bottom of the grip.

Once you have done this, then place the clubhead on the ground about 2-3 feet behind the ball and about a foot inside a line that would be straight back from your ball.  So your club will be well on the inside of your target line and on the ground.

This is the starting position of your swing, and without any backswing I want you to swing forward sweeping through the ball, and finish your swing about half-way into your follow-through making sure your hands have rolled over and released through impact.

This drill has nothing to do with how well you hit the ball.  You will probably hit some terrible golf shots, but that’s ok.  It’s more about the feeling of swinging into the ball from the inside, sweeping the ball away, and releasing/rolling over your hands through impact.

The final drill I have for you today that will help you to release the clubhead through impact is very easy, but very effective. To do this drill you simply need to hit golf balls with a normal swing, but where you hit golf balls from is the crux of this drill.

You see, for this final release drill you must hit golf balls from a very side-hill lie where the golf ball is well above your feet. Hitting balls from a side-hill lie like this will help you to release the club naturally and automatically through impact.  You shouldn’t try to do anything mechanical when you do this.  Just let the lie do it for you.

Ok, so that’s three great release drills.  If you do them often then you’ll soon train yourself to release through impact, so you can hit longer and better golf shots. Also, if you have a slice problem these release drills will help you to fix it.

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