How To Hit Longer Golf Shots

To help you hit the ball further you simply need to swing longer, because the longer you swing (while retaining good fundamentals) the more time the club has to move faster. And there is one very simple thing you can do to help you swing longer without actually trying to do it.

If you’ve ever seen Jack Nicklaus setup to the ball you probably would’ve noticed that just before he starts his swing he cocks and turns his head to the right. The reason he does this is because it allows him the room to make a big shoulder turn as well as making it much easier to swing on an upright plane. Here is a video showing you Jack doing this…

You can easily and quickly do the same by setting up to a ball as normal and then while keeping your body in exactly the same position simply move your head slightly to the right.

As well as doing this, it will further help your shoulder turn if you cock/turn your head to the right and you can either do this at address or turn your head as you are swinging.

Turning the head to the right is not something new. Many players have done it and where some like to pre-set it at address others like Tom Watson prefer to swivel their head to the right as they are swinging.

Experiment and find what works best for you.

You could never accuse either Jack Nicklaus or Tom Watson of not making a full shoulder turn or a full swing. And the head positioning that you’ve just been shown is one of the major reasons why. It’s simple and easy for anyone to do and it really does make it easier to turn the shoulders further which will increase the width of your swing, and consequently help you to hit longer shots. Give it a try, you’ll be impressed.

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