Golf Swing Power Is Easy When You Do This

Golfers from all around the world want more power in their golf swing.

It’s a fact however, the faster you swing the clubhead through impact, the more power you will generate and the longer you will hit the golf ball. The beauty of longer drives is that it means shorter and usually easier approach shots into the greens. Of course, you still must make solid contact to capitalize on your increased swing speed.

So do you want to hit longer golf drives?

What golfer wouldn’t?! So, I’m going to explain to you how you can do that.

When you look at a golf swing it is obviously a motion that involves rotation back and rotation through. So the most important muscles for more golf swing power are the abdominals and core muscles.

To get more power you need to work on strengthening and stretching your abdominals and core. You can do this at home with simple equipment like tubing with handles, medicine balls, dumbbells, a fitness ball etc.

You don’t need to become like a body builder to swing the club faster. In fact trying to get very strong biceps for example, will have very little impact on your power and may even slow your swing down.

Remember, the golf swing is a rotational motion. So most of your exercise should be standing up and involve some type of turning or twisting.

But where does clubhead speed come from?

As I have said, it’s largely from your core and abdominals. A big part of that is your hips. If you watch the longest hitters in the world you’ll notice that they all have very fast and powerful hip motions.

You may have thought your hands play a big role in swing speed, but your hands should always be lagging behind the turning of your body so they are really only going along for the ride.

But sadly because a lot of golfers think they get power from their hands they grip the club too hard and this cost’s them distance.

So you should hold the club hard enough so that it doesn’t shift and move around as you’re swinging it, but no harder than that. You’ll have to experiment and find out what “hardness” is right for you. To do this start by holding the club very tightly and with each practice swing relax your grip and hold the club lighter and lighter until you find your best grip firmness for longer drives and more golf swing power.

Alright let’s recap, to get more golf swing power do rotational type of exercises to improve your flexibility and strength in your core and abdominals. Particularly focus on your hip rotational speed. And make sure that you are not holding onto the grip too hard.

If you do these things you will have more golf swing power.

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