Golf Tip – Hit Great First Tee Shots

Golf Tip Question

I often hit a bad shot off the first tee. So what can I do to hit this first shot better?

Golf Tip Answer

Here’s a couple of things you can do which will help you to get off the first tee with more success.

1st. Hit some warm up shots before teeing off. Never go to the first tee cold. And when you warmup make sure you hit some shots with the club that you’re going to hit off the first tee.

2nd. Take a few minutes before your first tee shot to shut your eyes and imagine yourself driving off the first tee perfectly. When you’re doing this start by imagining yourself swinging in slow motion. Why slow motion? Because most golfers’ natural instinct when teeing off is to hurry and not complete the swing properly. If you start by imagining yourself swinging in slow motion, you’ll have more chance of swinging nice and smoothly off the first tee with a complete swing. After you’ve visualized this for a minute or so then you can speed up your swing in your mind to be normal speed. By doing these couple of things you should notice a lot more success from the first tee.

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