How To Accelerate Through Your Putts Without Trying

So often I see golfers decelerate when making a putting stroke, and that leads to bad putting results. To make sure you’re not doing that, today I have a simple putting drill to help you. You can even do this drill at home if you want to.

To do this drill, place a golf ball down 4 feet from a target (i.e. the hole or another ball or some other target to putt to) to create a straight-forward 4 foot putt. Then, straight back from the ball you’re going to putt, place a tee 4 inches directly behind your ball on a line going towards the hole (that’s if you’re doing this on the practice green, if not then just use another ball instead of a tee).

Once you’ve got this setup just putt as normal, but obviously if you take your putter back past 4 inches you’ll hit the tee (or second ball).

When doing this drill simply concentrate on making a shorter backswing and a longer follow-through. Which is what you should do because you shouldn’t “try” to accelerate through your putts. It should just happen naturally because your backswing is shorter than your follow-through. So just keep hitting putts in this way to ingrain this feel. And to further enhance the feeling of accelerating your putter head through the ball simply move the tee (or ball) closer to your ball so you have an even shorter back stroke, and then are forced to follow-through even more.

Remember, on all putts your backswing should be shorter than your follow-through. ALWAYS!

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Jeff Richmond

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