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The tempo in my golf swing is off at the moment. What can I do to get it back fast?

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The start of your swing is critical in determining the overall tempo of your swing. And when you start your backswing you should do so in a smooth, one-piece movement. It helps to have a picture of a smooth take-away in your mind. But here’s something practical you can do to get a better tempo at the start of your golf swing.

Go to your driving range and get your 6-iron. Then setup to a tee (without a ball on it) as though you’re about to play a golf shot.

Before you start your swing simply raise the club off the ground and move it forward so it’s about two feet in front of where your ball would be. From this new setup position start your backswing by simply letting the club glide back, then complete your backswing as normal and swing through as you normally would.

Keep doing this drill over and over again and with practice you’ll get much better tempo….fast. This tempo drill has been done by Jack Nicklaus, so there’s some good feedback on how good it is. In fact, I’ve heard him say that if it didn’t look so odd he would have swung like this out on the golf course.

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