Consistent Golf Swing Mission

Things are hotting up!

And not just with the weather… because the buzz & feedback from the lessons I’ve given so far for Consistent Golf Swingology has been fantastic.

I also just want to let you know…

I’m on a mission to help as many golfers as possible around the world to hit the ball longer, straighter and more consistently.

A big part of that is stopping the confusion.

I see so many golfers go from one tip to another. And golfers these days are getting bombarded with tip after tip.

But there’s no sequence.

There’s no step-by-step approach.

It’s just random tip after random tip.

What good is that to your golf game?!


It’s time to make a change.

That’s what Consistent Golf Swingology is all about.

Giving you the best step-by-step approach to once and for all become the great, consistent ball striker you want and DESERVE to be.

Going out to play golf and just swinging with a golf swing you can trust.

Not going from one method to another.

Just having a simple, reliable, consistent golf swing that hits the ball straighter and more consistently than you ever have before.

But there’s two things that are going to make that happen:

1. Getting the right information.

2. Taking action.

Watching a golf video a day is never going to improve your golf game.


You need a ‘less is more’ approach to becoming a great ball striker.

So to find out more about Consistent Golf Swingology simply click here.

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Jeff Richmond