Golf Backswing Secret

Ben Hogan did something in his setup that gave him tremendous stored up energy in the backswing. It’s something you can easily do when you swing the golf club too. And what I’m about to share with you is a solution to a very common problem that a lot of amateurs have in the backswing,…

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Ben Hogan’s Secret To Scoring Success

I was watching recently an interview with Ben Hogan, and he shared a secret to his success that a lot of golfers would have missed. You see, Hogan was talking about how he loved work and how he would play 36 holes a day in tournaments. He went on to explain that he would play…

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Ben Hogan’s REAL Golf Swing Secret

Ben Hogan was one of the best ball strikers the world has ever seen. And when he practiced he would have a person down the driving range ready to collect the ball after it bounced. And that person hardly ever had to move! So imagine…. You’ve got a 5 iron in your hands and that…

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The Golf Swing Lag Secret

Look at the amount of lag that Sergio Garcia has in his swing at this point (the picture on the right). So what is lag? It’s simply a measurement of how much angle there is between your left arm and golf club in the downswing. At the half way point in the downswing, you ideally…

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Phil Mickelson’s Putting Secret

What a final round by Phil the thrill (Phil Mickelson) to win the 2013 Open! And what a great birdie putt on the last to secure the title. What’s interesting is that before the Open started Phil Mickelson said he had a putting secret. Here’s exactly what he said… “(I) kind of found the secret to…

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Bubba Watson’s Golf Swing Secret

Bubba Watson hits it long – there’s no doubt about that.  Recently I was watching Bubba’s swing, and I noticed something he was doing that is a BIG reason for his long driving. So I’ve made this video below, in which I reveal this long driving swing move… and then I tell you how you…

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