Your Missing Golf Improvement Link

A lot of golfers don’t really understand what it takes to repeat their great golf shots and improve at golf. So I’m going to help you guys out by sharing some very important things you need to understand and know.

And what I’m going to reveal here is what I believe to be the missing golf improvement link, so let’s begin.

When you play a game of golf you’re consistently repeating 3 things.

1. Getting ready to hit your ball (Pre-Shot Routine)

2. You swing and hit the ball (Swing)

3. Walk/drive to your next shot after hitting your last shot (Time Between Shots. Also includes waiting for your playing partners to hit there shots etc.)

Out of those three “events” which one should you focus on to help you play golf to your true potential?

Most golfers would say the swing and although on one level that makes logical sense seen as how without a swing you would not hit the golf ball.

On another level that makes no sense whatsoever.


Because whenever you hit a great golf shot you are not consciously thinking your way through the swing.

You are NOT giving yourself technical instructions when you hit your great golf shots. Instead you’re using your subconscious mind and your conscious mind is quiet when you hit great golf shots.

And the best analogy of using your subconscious mind when doing a physical activity is driving a car.

You don’t consciously think your way through driving a car do you?

You drive subconsciously. That’s why you can drive a car and do other things like holding a conversation with someone in the car with you etc.

But this is a very important point so listen closely to what I’m about to say.

When you first started learning to drive a car you would have consciously been thinking about everything you’re doing while you’re driving. But now driving is automatic.

Also, what you do before you start driving is setting yourself up to drive subconsciously. They’re triggers if you will. Because every time you drive a car you do things the same. For example, you put the keys in the ignition, put on your seat belt, check your mirrors etc. And this is the big important golf improvement point from this car driving analogy.

You need to do the same thing with your golf game.

You see, you need a physical trigger to tell your brain that you’re now getting ready to hit a golf shot.

Examples of triggers can be….

  • Pulling a club our of your bag.
  • Putting on your glove.
  • Tugging on your ear.
  • Resetting your hat. etc.

It doesn’t really matter what it is, but you need some unique physical act that you use to signal to your mind that it’s the start of playing your next shot.

Now if you don’t have a physical trigger to start each shot, then create one and it will help you to become a more consistent golfer and play better under pressure. But although that’s a good thing to do it will NOT help you to repeat your great golf shots. And neither will trying to do anything mechanical as you’re swinging, because we’ve already ascertained that your best shots are produced when you’re swinging with your subconscious mind, i.e. nothing technical going through your mind as you’re swinging.

What will help you however is to find a technique to help you swing automatically with your subconscious mind.

In The Consistent Golf System I have devloped, I teach golfers the best technique I’ve ever found to do this and I’ve never seen it taught anywhere else.

But in case you don’t alread have that system here’s something that will help you.

About 5 seconds before you start swinging the golf club you should start speaking out a nursery rhyme or something similar.

But whatever you choose, you need to say something that has no pauses and lasts your entire swing.

That technique works because it helps to quieten the conscious mind as you swing, leaving your subconscious mind free to swing without interference.

Again, it’s not the best technique I’ve found to do this but it’s a pretty good one. However, you may get a few hassles from your playing partners if you speak too loud as you’re doing it.

My secret technique in The Consistent Golf System is silent so you won’t get any hassles doing it.

OK, so if you want to play to your true potential and repeat your great golf shots you now understand you need a technique to switch off your conscious mind before you swing….leaving your subconscious mind free to swing the club automatically.

That takes care of 1 out of the 3 “events” that happens every time you play golf.

Let’s now look at the time you have between shots.

Does the time between shots have an affect on your ability to consistently repeat your great golf shots?

If you have a trigger to signal the start of each shot then it shouldn’t have much affect. But you’ll increase your chances of being able to repeat your great golf shots by not thinking about anything to do with golf between your shots.

So here’s some ideas on what you can do between shots to help you do this….

  • Talk to your playing partners about world events, family…anything!
  • Look at the surroundings….look at the clouds….try and make pictures with the clouds.
  • As you’re walking count your steps and breathe in through your nose for 4 steps and breathe out through your mouth for 8 steps. Keep doing this as you’re walking down the fairway.

OK, let’s recap what I’ve covered so far.

To consistently repeat your great golf shots you need to….

1. Have a technique to use just before you start swinging that allows you to shut off your conscious mind so you swing with your subconscious mind….just like you did when you hit your great golf shots.

2. Take your mind off golf between shots. So the only other period of time that affects whether you’re going to hit a great golf shot is the minute or so before you start your swing. This is called the pre-shot routine.

Now to have any chance of repeating your great golf shots you must find out the 7 things you did mentally in this time frame to hit the great golf shots you’ve hit in the past. Because when you do that you’ll have the best chance you’ll ever have of repeating your great golf shots.

So don’t think for a second you need to have a perfect golf swing before you can consistently repeat your great golf shots. Did you suddenly have a perfect swing every time you hit a great golf shot? Obviously you didn’t. And that’s why golfers like…

Lee Trevino

Jim Furyk

Ray Floyd

Arnold Palmer

…..have/can do so well with golf swings that are not considered perfect. These great golfers figured out what they did mentally before and during each great shot and then simply repeated that every shot.

Naturally that meant that even with their quirky swings they still got great results. So if you get nothing else from this article please understand this….

To have any chance of repeating your great golf shots you’ve got to focus on finding out what you did mentally in the pre-shot time period to hit your great golf shots.

This is the missing golf improvement link.

The 1 minute or so before each shot largely determines how good a golfer you are going to become.

But don’t mix up my message…

I’m not saying you should try having a quirky swing. I believe as far as mechanics is concerned the less moving parts you can have the better.

Also, I’m not saying that the golf swing doesn’t need to be practiced. It does. But you’ve got to know exactly what to practice because if you don’t know what to practice to improve you could get worse and waste your time.

BUT the bottom line is that swing practice is for the driving range and not the golf course.

On the golf course it’s too late to try and make swing changes and bark orders at yourself when you’re swinging. It’s not what you did to hit great golf shots, and it will not help you to do it again.

I’ve said this a number of times but I’ll finish this article off by saying it again, because it’s so important….

To have any chance of repeating the great golf shots you’ve hit on a golf course in the past, you’ve got to repeat the 7 mental things you did to hit them! It’s as simple as that.

Anyway, I hope my revelations have helped you to see golf improvement in a different light.

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