Take-Away Drill For Longer Golf Shots

How you take the club away from the golf ball has a big impact on the rest of your back swing so if you get the take-away correct you’re more likely to hit good golf shots.

You have probably heard about the one-piece take-away and you may have tried to do it.

Well, in this article I am going to give you a great drill that will get you to feel what the one piece take-away is like so you’re left in no doubt about how you should do it.

So to do this one piece take-away golf drill I want you to setup to a golf ball as normal with say a 5-iron. Once you are setup then slide the club up through your hands and place the butt end of the golf club into your navel. You should now be gripping the club halfway up the shaft.

When the golf club is in this position you are then set to practice a one piece take-away.

To practice this you simply have to turn your navel to start the backswing and keep moving your navel until the clubhead moves about one yard. It’s important to note when you do this that there should be no independent movement from your hands. They are simply moving as a result of your navel turning and your shoulders moving as a result.

Once you reach a position where the clubhead is about 1 yard away from where it was at address then move it back to the start position and repeat the one piece take-away move.

This is the same move you should use when you take the club away when hitting normal golf shots.

If you do this take-away drill a lot it will result in you perfecting a one piece take-away. And a one piece take-away will make your golf swing a lot more consistent and easier to repeat. This will naturally result in longer golf shots. So do this take-away drill often and reap the benefits out on the golf course.

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Jeff Richmond

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