One Great Golf Tip For Longer Drives

Today you’re going to get one tip that could potentially add a lot of distance to your drives. And this tip only needs a change of a matter of inches to your setup. It really is one magic move if you haven’t been doing this. But first here’s a little background on this magic move and why so many golfers will benefit from it.

When you look at a lot of golfers from the face on view it is tough to tell which way they are trying to hit the golf ball because their shoulders are almost level and the butt of the club is pointing towards the middle of the body. But if you want to hit longer drives this is a terrible way to setup. You want to get into a power setup that will allow you to get all your power behind the golf ball.

To do this here is what we suggest you do.

1. Stand up straight with your feet about shoulder width apart, looking straight ahead, then

2. Take the straightness out of your knees, then…

3. Place a club along your spine, and then

Place A Club Along Your Spine

4. Bend forward making sure that your spine remains straight. Now here is a very, very important point when doing this exercise – you want your buttocks to move back when doing this as it creates a balanced posture position. Also you want your weight to be on the balls of your feet when setup, and it won’t be unless you follow the steps suggested. And the final step that will help you to hit longer drives is…

5. Having bent over (by moving your backside back and keeping your back straight), the next step is to move your left hip slightly towards your target. This only needs to be by about 2 inches. But by doing this it automatically places your head behind the ball and lowers your right shoulder – which is just what you want to hit longer drives.

This is a very subtle move but by doing it your head is behind the ball and your right shoulder is a lot lower than your left. This is the power setup position that will help you to hit longer drives. To see a practical example of this look at this video of Jamie Sadlowski, the longest driver in the world. Notice how much lower his right shoulder is than his left at setup…

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