One Great Golf Exercise For Longer Golf Drives

The golf swing involves your body turning, right? Well, if you want to swing better so you hit longer golf drives then you should practice turning, and you don’t need a golf club to do this.

But before I give you this exercise I just need to explain that doing passive exercises is not going to have a huge positive effect on your golf swing. And when I say passive exercises, I mean doing a stretch and holding it.  The reason for this is because when you swing a golf club you are moving, so it doesn’t make sense to do exercises that require a lot of holding.

When stretching to hit longer drives you want to be moving!

One example of a great exercise you can do to help yourself hit longer golf drives is called the twister. To do this exercise you simply get a dumbbell or a medicine ball and hold it against your chest. Then with the dumbbell or medicine ball in place, setup as though you are about to swing a golf club but have your feet a fraction wider apart than normal.

Once you are ready then simply rotate your upper body from one side to the other, and as you’re doing this shift your weight from one side to the other. When you’re doing this exercise try to increase your turn on each side for each rotation, but be sure to do this in a controlled manner and use common sense. Don’t rush this to start with, but as you get more used to the motion then you can increase the speed.

Always make sure you are turning fully as you’re doing this. You can do this exercise every day if you wish, for say 20 repetitions. This will help you to make a bigger turn in your golf swing and consequently you’ll hit longer golf drives.

Jeff Richmond

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