How To Take The Club Away For Better Golf Shots

When you swing the golf club what happens at impact is largely a reaction of the way you setup to the golf ball.  So you need to make sure your setup is good before you start tackling your golf swing.

When you do try to improve your golf swing the take-away is the obvious place to start.

Most golfers do not understand the huge importance that the take-away has on the rest of the golf swing.  But if you get the take-away correct you’ll be much more likely to produce good quality golf shots.

The biggest mistake golfers make when taking the club away is they take the club away too much to the inside.  This is probably because most golfers know that to hit good golf shots you must swing into the ball on the inside. Sadly by taking the club away too much to the inside most golfers are setting themselves up to swing over the top.

So to make sure that doesn’t happen to you, when you start the backswing you should take the club back straight for the first 6 inches or so.  Then after that the club should move naturally to the inside. And that word “move” is very important because the word’s “take-away” conjure up images of “snatching”.  You do not want to snatch the club away but instead you should move the cub away with your big muscles and here’s how.

When you setup to hit a golf drive, the angles formed between your shoulders and arms will make a triangle shape.  And when you move the club away this triangle that is formed at setup should remain the same for at least the first 1-2 yards of the backswing.

A lot of golfers flip the club away with their hands to start the backswing and this instantly destroys the triangle formed at setup.  So when you move the club away make sure you do not do anything extraneous with your hands and simply move the club away with a one piece motion.

If you do this you’re much more likely to have a good rest of the backswing which naturally will lead to good positions as you’re swinging down into the ball. This will lead to much better golf shots.  So don’t take the take-away for granted. It is a very important move that if done correctly will help you to swing better.

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