Golf Tip To Improve Your Pitch Shots

Golfers often struggle when faced with a pitch shot and the main reason is because the swing needed to hit a pitch shot is generally a lot shorter than a full swing.

Normally golfers practice hitting full shots, so anything that is not a full shot is something that is quite different and outside the normal. Anything outside the normal, especially on the golf course, can throw a golfer for a loop.

So if you’re struggling with your pitch shots because of the shorter swing you’ll want to follow the advice in this article to help you hit better pitch shots. So let’s get started.

To help you improve your pitch shots you’ve got to practice swinging back shorter than a full swing and then swing through to a full follow-through.

Yes, a full follow-through!

When you’re hitting a pitch shot you should always follow-through further than your backswing.


Because by following-through further than your backswing you are creating a pitching swing that accelerates through the ball. If you decelerate through a pitch shot at all then you’ll have all sorts of terrible pitch shots.

So to practice this, setup to a pitch shot with your ball positioned in the middle of your stance. Then take your pitching club back to a halfway position in your backswing so your left arm is parallel to the ground. Sometimes it’s helpful to check in a mirror or get someone else to check for you if your left arm is actually parallel to the ground. What feels like parallel to you may not actually be parallel with the ground, so to start with it pays to check until you know how parallel with the ground feels. After reaching this position then you simply need to swing down and follow-through to a full finish.

To improve your pitching simply keep practicing this back and through motion, with or without a ball. But remember when doing this to make sure your follow-through is ALWAYS longer than your backswing. Practicing this regularly will really help you to improve your pitching out on the golf course.

By practicing a shorter backswing and a longer follow-through your pitch shots will really improve for a couple of reasons. First, you’ll be more used to swinging with a shorter swing and second, you’ll be accelerating through your pitch shots because your follow-through will be longer than your backswing. Do this and better pitch shots will be yours along, with lower golf scores.

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