Golf Tip – How To Have Confidence On Golf Holes

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I feel more comfortable and confident on some holes than on others. I don’t like this feeling and I know it costs me strokes so what can I do to have more confidence on the holes that I dislike?

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To help you solve this problem here’s what I suggest you do.

1. Sit down and get out a pen and some paper.

2. Then write down all the holes you lack confidence on.

3. The next step is to go through each hole one at a time and create a plan for the hole. Think about how you’ve been playing the hole and what you can do differently. Do not keep doing the same thing on the hole because you’ll keep getting the same results if you do.

So if you always hit a driver on a hole, decide to hit a 3 wood instead. Just make a plan to change something on each hole that you’re having trouble with.

Play it differently.

Try something new.

Keep experimenting until you change your mindset to that particular hole.

With your new plan and your experimentation approach you’ll notice a new and much more enjoyable feeling when you approach holes that you may have felt uncomfortable on. You may even feel a sense of excitement as you approach a hole, just so you can try a new approach.

Upon hearing this advice you might have this question…

How many approaches should you try?

Just keep trying new things until you get a strategy that works. If that means you hit an 8-iron off the tee on a long par 4 and then take two more to the get to the green then so be it. Just keep experimenting and find the best approach for you. Not for someone else. Don’t just take out your driver on a hole just because it’s long or that’s what everyone else does. Play to score your best not to do what everyone else does.

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